Monorail conveyors carry manufactured products of various sizes and weights that are hung to the carrying chain at fixed distances one from each other by means of specific fastening means; they can follow very complex routes both on the horizontal and vertical plans.

A monorail conveyor consists of a shaped sheet metal rail with a biplanar chain sliding inside it, driven by a a linear or wheel-type drive unit; chain speed can be adjusted either mechanically or electronically.

For horizontal and vertical movement we use curves that may also be manufactured in non-standard radiuses and widths according to customer's needs.

By using special rail segments we simplify chain introduction, while chain tensioning is regulated by screw, spring or pneumatic tensioners. The monorail conveyor may also be equipped with hooks or racks suitable for the most diversified applications.

Other available accessories are the automatic lubricator and the expansion joints, the use of expansion joints is recommended as they absorb dilation of the rail inside the ovens.

The elements that compose a monorail handling line may either be:
  • Powder coated
  • Hot galvanized
  • Cold galvanized
  • Stainless steel structure
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