Monorail conveyors designed and installed by Tras-mec are suitable for use in the most diverse industries, and can be used to build custom-tailored handling systems, depending on the requirements of the customer company.

Handling systems with monorail conveyors are an ideal support for:

  • wood and metal industrial painting systems
  • surface treatment and finishing systems
  • handling systems for the food and canning industry
  • handling lines for glass processing systems
  • handling lines for dairy and milk industry
  • meat slaughtering and processing lines
  • drying lines for the tanning industry
  • clothing transportation and storage lines
  • transport and dying lines for dry cleaners
  • assembly, packing and warehousing lines
  • ground carts pulling lines

The monorail conveyors can therefore be used in several different industries.

All monorail conveying lines may be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment.

Monorail conveyors may also work in environments with peculiar features like very high or very low temperatures. To be more precise, conveyors designed and built by Tras-mec can be used with temperatures up to 450° C or in cold rooms down to -40° C.

The monorail conveying lines can be used to build overhead or ground conveyors. Overhead conveyors are fastened to the ceiling or to suitable supporting structures while ground conveyors are either fastened to the ground or interred.
The monorail lines' specifications are the same for ground and overhead structures.

Tras-mec designs and builds monorail conveyors that can be used also on more than one floor, thus making them suitable for very complex handling systems. Every handling system designed by Tras-mec is composed by standard modular components bolted together and can therefore be modified wherever needed.
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