Servicing and maintenance

For many years Tras-mec has dealt with design and installation of conveyors for industrial applications, guaranteeing to the customer also an efficient after-sale assistance service on internal handling lines.

Tras-mec offers assistance on all installed conveyors and cooperation on all problems and issues related to conveyors manufactured by the company in the design, manufacturing and maintenance stages.

Starting from the design project, Tras-mec provides a technical consultancy service in choice of handling system, customisation of accessories depending on the type of load, path and working processes and in the choice of special solutions.

In the after-sale stage Tras-mec ensures to the customer a maintenance service, guaranteeing quick intervention in case of failures or malfunctioning. The supervision by qualified technicians makes it possible to keep the conveyors in perfect efficiency and carry out any repair in the shortest time available. Tras-mec can reach any site in Italy within 48 hours from the call in case of major failures to conveyors in addition to phone help for immediate resolution of technical problems.

Tras-mec offers to the customer a handling systems maintenance service also for systems built by other companies, including dismantling of other systems and reassembling the new ones. Moreover, the company may also supply spare parts for the system's machines or modify the conveyors, even if built on non-standard models.
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