Two-rail conveyor for a shelving painting company

Plant installers that operate in the industrial painting sector have turned to Tras-mec because they needed a two-rail conveying line for internal movement of metal shelving components.

The two-rail handling line had to be designed to carry 9700 mm long bars with a load capacity of about700 kg for each bar.

Tras-mec has developed and built for them a custom made two-rail conveyor composed by three lines that work in synchronicity:
  • a conveyor for the parts washing and treatment tunnel has been designed with forward/backwards movement capabilities to optimise the washing operations
  • a handling line for the painting booth with continuous advancement at slow speed to allow a uniform painting of pieces.
  • a main movement line with continuous fast speed advancement to serve the main stations in the system
The conveyor prepared by Tras-mec made it possible to obtain the required cycle: parts loading, drying oven, painting booth, cooking oven and unloading area.
This handling system, custom-made for the company, has made it possible to perfectly organise the manufacturing.
Two-rail conveyor for a shelving painting company
Two-rail conveyor for a shelving painting company
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