Two-rail conveyor for painting wooden doors and windows

Two-rail conveyor for painting wooden doors and windows
A company specialised in painting of wooden doors and windows asked Tras-mec to build a two-rail handling line.

Doors and windows are hung to conveying bars that compose the overhead conveyor and carried in the flow-coating for impregnation; later on the handling line transports the pieces in the painting booth and stacks them up and lastly carries them in the drying and flashing area where they are held for the time needed before unloading.

The handling system can also be equipped with a motor-powered bar rotation station with manual controls to rotate the bar in the painting booth. The operator, after completing painting of one side of the doors and windows, can rotate the bar by 180° and and paint the other side. After completing the painting stage, the conveyor then moves the part in the stocking area.

Design of this two-rail conveyor has made it possible to Tras-mec to set up a handling system applicable to other systems of the same sector.
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