The two-rail conveyors designed and built by Tras-mec match the features of monorail conveyors with other features that make them highly flexible.

As the monorail conveyors, they can be distinguished in:

- Overhead
- Grounded floor
- Inverted

The two-rail conveyor consists of two shaped sheet metal rails superimposed one on each other. A biplanar chain slides inside the upper rail, pulling a cart by means of a pusher that runs in the lower rail.

The chain is moved by a drive unit ("caterpillar" or wheel-type). Speed is adjusted either mechanically or electronically.
For horizontal and vertical conveyor movement we use curves that may also be manufactured in non-standard radiuses and widths according to customer's needs.

By using special rail segments we simplify chain and carts introduction, while chain tensioning is regulated by screw tensioners.

Switching points are used to deviate carts from the main line and to move conveyor bars.

Stocking stations can be used to stop handling system carts in pre-set points along the track and at predefined intervals and compact their load.

The finishes available for Tras-mec's two-rail conveyors are:
  • Powder coating
  • Hot and cold galvanization
  • Stainless steel structure

Installing a two-rail handling line brings along several advantages:
  • it is possible to stop, move, deviate and pick up carts at any given point along the track
  • it is possible to stack up (either statically or dynamically) carts to reduce cart encumbrance on the line
  • different and varied moving speed can be achieved in different points of the track
  • pieces can be loaded on carts or on conveying bars, thus making it possible to move very large size parts as well
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