The two-rail handling line produced by Tras-Mec can meet any customer requirement related to internal handling systems.

In choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the type and weight of the load on the hook,  the total load moved on the handling line and specific production cycle. By these features, Tras-Mec two-rail conveyors can be: 

- Standard
-  Fixed Accumulation
- Power & Free

Two-rail conveyors can be used with single or paired carts to increase loading capacity.

Use of standard components not only keeps two-rail conveyors cheaper, but also makes it extremely easy to modify the track to meet changing requirements or needs.
Standard two-rail conveyors models
BL 28/28 BM 37/37 BP 40/45 BP 45/45 BP 45/56 BP 45/80
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