Tras-mec designs two-rail conveyors for use in different industries for designing systems customised to the customer company's needs.

Installing a two-rail conveyor brings along several advantages:

  • it is possible to stop, move, deviate and pick up carts at any given point along the track
  • it is possible to stack up (either statically or dynamically) carts to reduce cart encumbrance on the line
  • different and varied moving speed can be achieved in different points of the track
  • pieces can be loaded on single carts or on conveying bars, thus making it possible to move very large size parts as well

Handling systems with two-rail conveyors are an ideal support for:

  • wood and metal industrial painting systems
  • processing and assembling lines
  • treatment or finishing systems
  • washing systems
  • drying systems
  • seasoning systems
  • packing and packaging lines
  • warehousing lines
  • department connection lines

The two-rail conveyors can therefore be used in several different industries.

The two-rail conveying lines can be used to build overhead or ground conveyor systems. Overhead conveyor systems are fastened to the ceiling or to suitable supporting structures while ground conveyor systems are either fastened to the ground or interred. The two-rail lines' specifications are the same for ground and overhead structures.

All two-rail conveying lines may be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipmentand selectors to set the destinations of load bearing hooks and racks.
Two-rails conveyors can convey components even in context difficult to access or outright inaccessible to operators.

Two-rail conveyors may also work in environments with peculiar features like very high or very low temperatures. To be more precise, conveyors designed and built by Tras-mec can be used with temperatures up to 450° C or in cold rooms down to -40° C.
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