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Double rail by TRAS-MEC

The double rail conveyor, derived from the single rail, representing not only its technical evolution, but a completely different approach to handling as well.
Its use is ideal in production lines where it gets necessary to overcome specific limitations of the single rail. It becomes possible to handle products in a nonlinear way, following different paths, not necessarily all at the same speed and on the same line.
Power & Free represents a particularly versatile type of double rail conveyor.

Power and free

− Industrial coating
− Automotive
− Aluminium finishing
− Wood finishing
− Metal processing
− Clothing
− Slaughter/food processing

Steel S235
Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316

Powder coating
Cold galvanized
Hot galvanized

Min. -25°C
Max. 400°C



Minimal lubricator
Hook rotation station
Compensators and dilators
Hanging bars and racks
Stop station
Bar rotating station

On request, TRAS-MEC designs, manufactures and supplies the support system for the conveyor, complete with assembly instructions and construction drawings.

Tenditori e compensatori regolabili

The main elements


Biplanar chain can move both horizontally and vertically and is made of modular and replaceable elements.

catena biplanare


The chain slides inside straight and curved steel rails, which can be powder coated or galvanized.

binari rettilinei e curvi in acciaio


The element which transmits motion throughout the system is the drive unit, powered by an electric motor.

gruppo di traino, azionato da un motore elettrico


Manually adjustable turnbuckles and compensators, along with idle dilators, allow to always keep the chain tension under control.

Tenditori e compensatori regolabili manualmente e dilatatori folli


It is possible and recommended to rely on a minimal lubricator, that automatically mantains the chain well-oiled in the correct spots.

lubrificatore minimale


Pushers are bolted on the chain, dragging the trolleys and at the same time slowing down their momentum



The static trolley slides along the lower rail and can be a stand-alone handling unit. It can be disengaged from the chain by special rails that also allows items to be stacked in a smaller area.

lubrificatore minimale


Power&free trolleys are disengaged from the chain thrust when they come across a stop station or another stationary trolley being accumulated.

A connecting bar placed between two paired trolleys can be used to:
● Increase the maximum weight that can be handled
● Carry widely varied types of items
● Maximize the use of space, especially through the stacking system, by using two parallel tracks

carrelli dinamici


A switch diverts trolleys in different directions; it can operate automatically or be engaged and disengaged as needed, manually or electronically.
The new path could be either a manually operated section, or a chain with a different speed.

scambio devia carrelli


The stop station allows trolleys to be stopped by disengaging them from the pusher to:

● Process or inspect an item
● Load/unload
● Manage production
● Create a stacking zone

stazione di fermata

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